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How To Check If Your Car Is ULEZ Compliant

Nov 23, 2023 | All About Cars, Uncategorised | 0 comments

When you are thinking of buying a used car, there are a few considerations that you need to take into account. One of these is whether your car is ULEZ compliant if you live in the London area. 

Although many cars are compliant with the ULEZ rules, it depends on the age and type of vehicle that you buy. It is always a good idea to check before you start looking, so that you know which models you can target to ensure compliance. 

Below, then, we have set out what you will need to know in order to ascertain whether your vehicle model is compliant with the ULEZ requirements. 


What is the London ULEZ? 

The Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) in London was introduced in April 2019. It was implemented to try and improve air quality in central London. The aim was to reduce the numbers of older cars that are more polluting from traveling through London. This involved a charge of £12.50 for cars, motorcycles, and vans. 

This means that if you are considering buying a car from our used car dealer in Grays, you will need to check whether the car has low enough emissions to be ULEZ compliant. 

In the beginning, the ULEZ zone was only a small central area of London. However, with effect from 29th August 2023, the zone now covers almost all areas within the M25 motorway.  


What Are the Regulations Regarding ULEZ?

When the ULEZ zone was introduced, it set a standard of pollution levels that needed to be met for a given car to be compliant. This meant that certain cars would not be able to drive through the ULEZ zone without paying a charge. For petrol cars, this means that they must meet Euro 4 emissions standards. For diesels, it means meeting the Euro 6 standard. 

If you are visiting our used car sales in Thurrock, we will help you with this to ensure you choose a car that is ULEZ compliant (if, of course, this is a particular priority for you). We make available a broad range of high-quality used vehicles, so you can be confident of finding the car that you want that will also be compliant. This, in turn, will enable you to live and work in the ULEZ area without having to pay the charge. 

As a general rule, petrol cars sold before 2005 and diesels sold prior to 2015 will be subject to a ULEZ charge. However, we will always be able to confirm the compliance of any vehicle when you visit our used car centre.  


Euro Standards

The ULEZ zone is based on the Euro Standards that were first introduced in 1992. Since then, these standards have continued to be tightened up. The most recent change came with the Euro 6 regulations in 2014. 

The Euro Standards first apply to cars that are put forward for type approval. Before a manufacturer is allowed to put a new car on sale, it needs to go through this process. Any car put forward from 2014 must meet the Euro 6 standard. However, cars that were already approved were still allowed to be sold until 2015. The same applies for diesels; Euro 4 was introduced in 2005, but some cars could still be sold until 2006. 

We can help you find the right car for you at one of our used car sales locations. In addition, we can help you afford your car using the right HP finance in Essex, so that you can worry slightly less about the headline price, and more about whether a given vehicle is the right match to the rest of your needs. 

The best way to check whether any given car is compliant with the ULEZ requirements, is to look at the Transport For London (TfL) website before you travel.  If you are looking for a ULEZ compliant car in Thurrock or Essex we have a range available at LMC!


How is ULEZ Enforced?

There are no physical barriers preventing you from entering the ULEZ zone. Instead, there are signposts and number plate recognition cameras placed at all the roads leading into the zone. When you approach these cameras, they will read your number plate and see if your car is compliant with the ULEZ scheme. If it is, you won’t be required to pay any charge. 

However, if your car is not compliant and you have not paid the charge, TfL will send a fine to your home address. The fine can be reduced if you pay it within 14 days, and you will have a period of time to pay before they seek other action. 

The signposts that tell you the ULEZ zone is approaching are well placed, so you should be able to see when you are entering the zone. 



The ULEZ scheme is designed to help reduce the carbon and pollution in the London area. It is easy to check whether your car is compliant before you travel – and here at LMC, we will help to ensure the process of buying a ULEZ-compliant vehicle is barely any less straightforward for you.