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At LMC, we are passionate about helping our customers get their dream car, and our PCP finance deals in Essex can make dreams reality.

What is PCP Finance?

PCP finance enables you to pay for a vehicle in manageable monthly payments. You will pay an initial deposit upfront and followed by instalments each month. Instead of paying off the entire value of the car, these monthly instalments go towards covering the depreciation of the vehicle over the contract term. When the agreement period ends, you can choose whether to return the car or keep it for an additional fee known as a balloon payment.

To learn more about how these agreements work, speak to our experts in PCP finance in Essex. They have helped hundreds of our customers to get approved for car finance in Essex and they can help you too!

Why Choose PCP Finance in Essex?

The best thing about PCP finance is the low monthly payments. Because you are not paying for the entire value of a car, only the value it loses during your agreement term, the instalments are more affordable than other car finance options. With our PCP finance deals in Essex, you will be able to afford makes and models that would have been out of your price range if you were to purchase outright, so you’ll have a much bigger selection to choose from.

Having the option at the end of the contract term to choose whether you like the vehicle enough to make it your own or to try something new is also a major advantage.

How to Apply for PCP Finance in Essex

Applying for PCP finance in Essex is as simple as choosing the right vehicle for you on our website and clicking the ‘Apply for Finance’ button to start the process. To find out more about our latest PCP finance deals in Essex, get in touch with our friendly experts today!

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