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European Licence Finance

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Are you interested in applying for car finance with an EU licence?

If so, LMC are happy to help. While having a non-UK licence makes it more challenging to secure a good car finance deal, it’s not impossible. We work with a team of car finance specialists that can help you find the right lender when driving in the UK on a foreign licence.

Can you be accepted for car finance in the UK with a European licence?

If you have a European driving licence in the UK, you can be accepted for car finance. However, lenders are more strict when it comes to financing drivers with foreign licences. For example, you must be a European citizen who has been living in the UK for two years or more to be eligible for car finance.

You must also not miss any mobile or credit card payments and be on the electoral roll to be eligible. Get in touch with our team to determine whether you’re qualified for car finance with an EU driving licence in the UK.

Requirements for finance on an EU licence

There are certain requirements finance providers look for when assessing your vehicle finance application. These include:

  • A good credit score
  • A significant deposit
  • Proof of income such as wage slips and bank statements
  • A guarantor

Legal changes

Driving in the UK with an EU licence after Brexit is still legal, but your licence isn’t the only thing you’ll need to worry about when driving in the UK. For standard EU car driving licences, you can drive in the UK for 3 years after becoming a resident, but only if you become one at age 67 or over. You can also drive in the UK until you’re age 70. However, these rules don’t apply to people that exchange EU driving licences for UK fees.

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