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GardX Protection

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What is GardX Protection?

The GardX Vehicle Protection System is a Nanotechnology sealant that creates a durable and incredibly resistant invisible coating over the paintwork surface, the sealant fills the imperfections in the paintwork in order to create a protective and smooth high-gloss finish.

Why do vehicles need GardX Protection?

In an effort to be more environmentally safe and friendly, government legislation now requires manufacturers to use water-based paints and while they are better for the environment, they can make the paintwork more susceptible to fading and oxidisation. Rock salt and the sun’s UV rays, among other environmental pollutants, can threaten your paintwork and will need protecting if you’d like to keep that showroom-level shine.

How does the exterior work?

In the paintwork of your car, there are imperfections known as ‘castellations’ and as the paintwork ages, dirt and oil are drawn to these imperfections which will degrade the paint. GardX is more than just a wax polish, through the use of nanotechnology, it creates a highly resilient protective coating while keeping a showroom-level glossy finish that remains wash after wash.

How is it applied?

The GardX Protection System can only be purchased and applied by approved dealers and is applied in 2 stages:

1. A pre-seal formulation that penetrates into the pores of the paintwork and prepares it for sealing.

2. Permanently seals to Stage 1, creating a high gloss protective coating over the paintwork, leaving it more resistant to environmental pollutants.

As well as the exterior protection, GardX also has interior protection to keep your car’s interior safe from accidental spills and dirt. The interior protection can be applied at home.

What's part of the GardX interior protection?

  • GardX Stain Guard coats individual fabric fibres to protect against liquid spills, dirt, grease, oil and grime.
  • GardX’s exclusive leather exterior can help protect and hide stains if you have a leather interior while also moisturising the leather to ensure that it keeps a like-new appearance.

Additional Features

The GardX Protection System has some additional features to fully ensure that your car is a protected as it can be, these include:

    • The Glass Guard – suitable for all glass surfaces, apply to the windscreen and rainwater will bead and easily runoff, it also protects against dirt and bugs.
    • The Tyre Guard allows you to re-inflate your tyre without having to take it off of the wheel.
    • The GardX Bird Dropping Remover will help to soften and neutralise the bird droppings, making them easy to be removed quickly.

The Solution

The problem with modern wax polishes is they simply do not last, every time you wash your vehicle with detergent you wash away a layer of protection.

The GardX Vehicle Protection System with powerful Nanotechnology forms a highly resilient protective coating over your paintwork that shields it from these environmental pollutants and provides a spectacular high gloss showroom finish that retains its appearance wash-after-wash.

You may never need to polish your vehicle again!

The GardX System also protects your vehicle’s interior. GardX’ Stain Guard ensures that your seat fabrics and carpets will resist against staining and remain fresh, smart and clean. For leather seats, GardX Leather Guard will not only protect against stains but will also keep the leather soft and supple, like new for years.

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