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Get Your Car Serviced in Essex

What is a service plan? You are offered a service plan when buying your car and arrange payments to cover the cost of a certain number of scheduled services. What does servicing protect against? Why is a fully serviced car more likely to hold it’s value? How does it avoid costly bills? Why should you choose the 3 year service plan with LMC?

At LMC, we take pride in sourcing top-quality cars and preparing them to a professional standard so that any model you buy from us is in the best possible condition when you drive away. Once you have left the forecourt in your new motor, we want to help keep it in peak condition, which is why when you purchase any of our used cars in Essex, you will have the opportunity to sign up for our three-year servicing plan.

What is a car service and what is included?

Our servicing plan includes a range of vehicle checks to identify any issues developing through wear and tear in order to resolve these early on and keep your car performing at its best. Our qualified technicians will look at components including your vehicle’s engine oil, coolant, lights, exhaust, suspension and battery.

Why should you get your car serviced regularly?

Unlike an MOT test which must be conducted annually, there is no legal requirement to have your vehicle serviced, however, there are a number of reasons why servicing is beneficial. Regular servicing can uncover problems and faults with your vehicle at an early stage before they become seriously harmful, irreversible or costly to repair. Here are some advantages of signing up to a service plan like ours:

  • It helps to keep you and your passengers safe
  • It can save you money
  • It improves your vehicle’s lifespan
  • It will increase your car’s value

For more details about our 3-year servicing plan, get in touch and speak to the dedicated team of experts at LMC. We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

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